Daneholme Hill Repeats - 01/12/2022


Past Session

Daneholme Hill Repeats

We will meet at the iCon car park and start with a short run up to the “hill” as a warm up followed by a 30 min session, then into a short cool down.

Daneholme isn't as hard as Borough or Poets hills, so good for a first attempt at this sort of session. That said, experienced hill repeaters will also find it a challenge to get as many reps as they can.

Addition Information:

* Only runners that have booked 1 of the 25 slots on the clubpal app can attend the session.

* Appropriate running clothes and shoes a must

* All runners must bring a light of some description


Led by Nadine Gray
Thursday 01 Dec 2022
18:30 - 19:30 (1 hour)
Icon car park
No charge
Capacity: 25
19 places remaining