Social Paced Club Run - 29/11/2022


Past Session

Social Paced Club Run

We will meet at The Icon Car Park at 6.30pm and we will run the Winter Route, which is 4 miles (shorter if that's too far and perhaps longer for some speedy ones), in Paced Groups. Everyone will be in a group at a pace they are comfortable with, we don't leave anyone behind.

I will be asking people to stay in groups of at least two, so nobody gets isolated. It would be useful if you have an idea of the pace you would like to run at.

Running lights will be required as it will be dark.

Suggested distances for different paces.

14-15min/miles - End of black path

13-14 - As above & small loop(Newnham Drive)

11-12 Full Route

10-11 As above & back up Newnham drive to start of black path.

9-10 Full Route & extra loop of industrial estate

Below 9 As above & back up Newnham drive to start of black path.

I suggest taking it slower at the start to warm up. I will do some stretches at the end for the ones that want to stretch. I can be contacted on 07793634630 in case of emergency.

You will find the link to the route here, click on link or copy and paste into your browser and scroll down for the route.

Led by John Sach
Tuesday 29 Nov 2022
18:30 - 19:30 (1 hour)
The Icon Car Park
No charge
Capacity: 50
36 places remaining